Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm only a few years behind the masses


Here were my thoughts a few days ago:

I'm reading "Twilight" for the first time. (I got it for free at a swap meet.) So, Bella falls down a lot. And if she's not falling down, she's worried about falling down. She's practically in tears when Edward suggests they go for a hike in the woods, not on a trail. I have to wonder what kind of high school experience the author had to include SO MUCH falling down. Is this more of an issue with kids these days than it was in my youth? More drugs, more peer pressure, more... falling down?

Now that I'm almost down with the book I have discovered at the clumsiness that is mentioned 786 times in the prior pages actually has a point.  If you haven't read it *SPOILER ALERT*:  When Bella is attacked by an evil vampire her mother is told that her injuries were sustained by falling down two flights of stairs and through a window.

So there.  Maybe mentioning Edward's beauty 257,596,809 times will have point eventually, too.  One can always hope.

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Brett said...

Not bloody likely ;-)