Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spies like us revisited

I was telling my husband about my recent experiences at the bank. The following conversation ensued:

Me: ... I mean, I'm all for being friendly, but I just think that's a little over the top. Don't you?

Him: Well, that is kind of "their thing." You know, they are the friendly local bank. They know their customers by name. I mean, I even had one of the tellers recognize me at the mall and say hello.

Me: That would freak me out. Even more so because I would probably recognize her but wouldn't know where I knew her from. Is she from church? Is she a customer from work? Do I know her from the gym?

Him: I knew who she was, but it was kind of weird because after she said hello, she made a point of saying, "Yeah, I just saw you shopping in such-and-such store." That did kind of make me feel like she was spying on me.

Me: Ex-actly.

Him: Yeah. Because what if I was in there buying stuff for my mistress or something?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For all you non-facebooking types...

Look what I got in my Easter basket this year...

It's the Easter bunny herself!

Yes, that is a bow on her head. Wanna make something of it?

Shine little glow worm... glimmer, glimmer

Eeeeeexcellent idea. Hand over those creme eggs!

We're both tired after a long hard day of being so dang cute.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spies like us

I've been learning a lot about how the world works since I've been staying at home with the baby lately. For example, I am going to the bank during the day now and interacting with the tellers. Our bank is locally owned and operated and apparently prides itself on knowing its customers personally.

The first time I went in to make a deposit after the baby was born, the teller scrutinized my checks carefully and then cried, "Oh! Are you Brett's wife?!" I answered in the affirmative and she seemed delighted to meet me. "We just love Brett," she gushed. "He comes in here a lot, usually with the dogs, but we haven't seen too much of you... that's why I didn't recognize you. But... but... YOU HAVE A BABY! Ohmygosh! Is she yours?" I answered in the affirmative again.

Suddenly, there was a swarm of bank tellers behind the bulletproof glass all angling for a glance at my newborn.

"Ohhh! She's so cute!"
"How tiny!"
"What a doll!"
"Brett didn't mention that you were pregnant OR that you'd had a baby! Why didn't he tell us? Make sure you scold him for us!"

Uhhh... okay. I don't know why he would have told you, my bank teller friends, but sure, I'll yell at him for you.

"We watched you get out of the car, but none of us recognized you. We just figured you were just some new mother. We didn't know you were Brett's wife!"

You watched me get out of the car? And you tried to figure out who I was? Interesting. Okay, it was a slow day at the bank. Maybe you all had nothing else to do. Maybe you are required to try to greet everyone by name so it behooves you to get a jump start while people are still in the parking lot.

I wondered if they would remember me when I went in the next week without the baby.

"Oh, hello Mrs. Fox," the teller greeted me. "Is that your mom out there in the car with the baby?" she inquired. "I can tell. She looks a lot like you."

Okay. Now I just feel like I'm being spied on. It's one thing to watch the parking lot for customers. It's another thing to peer into your customers' parked cars and comment on the facial features of their passengers.

I pity the fool who tries to rob my bank. He won't realize there's 4 bored tellers and a bank manager watching his every move from the moment he steps out of his car until he hands over his hold up note.

They might even know his mother.

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's shower time

Breakdown of how I spend my time in the shower these days:

10% = washing body parts
20% = washing/conditioning hair
70% = using long-handled brush to scratch my back