Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spies like us revisited

I was telling my husband about my recent experiences at the bank. The following conversation ensued:

Me: ... I mean, I'm all for being friendly, but I just think that's a little over the top. Don't you?

Him: Well, that is kind of "their thing." You know, they are the friendly local bank. They know their customers by name. I mean, I even had one of the tellers recognize me at the mall and say hello.

Me: That would freak me out. Even more so because I would probably recognize her but wouldn't know where I knew her from. Is she from church? Is she a customer from work? Do I know her from the gym?

Him: I knew who she was, but it was kind of weird because after she said hello, she made a point of saying, "Yeah, I just saw you shopping in such-and-such store." That did kind of make me feel like she was spying on me.

Me: Ex-actly.

Him: Yeah. Because what if I was in there buying stuff for my mistress or something?

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Star said...

Man, what a typical Brett comment! That had me laughing so hard....