Monday, May 4, 2009

Awesome motherhood moment, part 2

Our little girl has started sounding like quite the little piggy. She snorts when she's crying, she snorts when she's happy, she snorts when she's eating. At work, someone wanted to know if she knew any tricks. I popped her pacifier out and she started snorting as if on command. My co-worker was duly impressed.

We were visiting a friend's ward on Sunday. Brooke was in my arms and as she fell asleep, her head rolled back against my arm and her mouth dropped open. In the middle of the opening prayer though, she startled awake. As she jerked her head up, she let out the biggest snort I have ever heard.


I don't just mean it was a big snort for a baby. It was a big snort for a heavily obese man who has fallen asleep after drinking a case of beer in his easy chair. It rocked the house and rattled the windows.

As her parents, what did we do?

We sat and giggled like schoolgirls through the rest of the meeting.

Motherhood rocks.


momodafoxes4 said...

hee hee hee...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..rolling. on. floor.. sides. aching...

Seriously...I think I would have had to leave the room..

Kari said...

I spent a really long time typing up a hilarious comment and then my browser crashed and it was gone. I've just... I've just-lost-the-will-to-retype-it.