Thursday, September 20, 2012


Yesterday when I went into the girls' room to get them dressed, Leah handed me a domino and said, "Stinky."

It was covered in poop.


Today, they were poking at something on the ground that looked like a wet tissue, giggling and saying, "Stinky!"  I couldn't fathom what it was.  I finally resorted to poking at it myself.  I discovered it was a glob of diaper filling, you know, the absorbent beads which are supposed to be INSIDE the diaper.  Apparently, someone's diaper had exploded during the night and the pee-soaked beads had worked their way out onto the carpet.

It was this abomination of nature that my girls were playing with this morning.

Motherhood rocks?


Dirtius Wifius said...

sadly, I also have been there. blech.

Shauna said...

It was Mom's diaper? (You said she had a "bad potty day")

lorene said...

Very ambiguously stated, Andrea! I knew Shauna would pick up on that. What I'm wondering is how many others out there in facebookland are picturing me as some high-maintainance, incontinent, mindless, hunched-over, little old lady in a home somewhere just waiting to kick the bucket!!
OH WELL!! Who cares. They're not far off, anyway.