Friday, September 21, 2012

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

I think it's weird that any celebrity that ends up on Sesame Street I automatically like more than I did previously.  Obviously, I liked Paul Rudd prior to being The Very Handsome Prince on Sesame Street but his likability factor skyrocketed after that.  Eva Longoria discusses the word "exquisite" with Elmo and suddenly I'm thinking, "Maybe I could hang with her sometime?"  I go to the doctor and smile fondly thinking of Anderson Cooper helping me learn the letter G by intoning, "G-G-Gastroenteritis..."

The best example has to be Jason Mraz singing "Let's Go Outside" to the tune of "I'm Yours."  He extols the virtues of playing in the sunshine and I just really want to get outside and play.  He's just so darn happy and good natured about it.  Not only that, but when his blasted song comes on the radio, I have to listen to it.  It's not even the Sesame Street version!  I can't change the station.  It's like it would be unfaithful to my friends on Sesame Street not to support Mr. Mraz and his hipster noodling.

Can you think of any celebrities you've like LESS after seeing them on Sesame Street?  I can't.


Shauna said...

Katy Perry, actually. Know your audience, Katy, and maybe put your boobs away for once!

crazymama said...

Did she actually make it on an episode? I thought they banned her until she put her girls away.