Monday, December 3, 2012

Have Yourself a Merry Little Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's Joy to the World Christmas

Brett and I were discussing Christmas music the other day.  He noticed one stations plays a heavy rotation of 80's and 90's Christmas songs while I was lamenting the fact that out of the literally THOUSANDS of Christmas songs in existence to day I always hear Bing Crosby warbling something that sounds like he's underwater.

"There are some songs I rather like, though," I admitted.  "I heard a version of 'O Holy Night' which was fantastic.  Well, fantastic until he changed the words at the end from 'O night divine' to 'Noel, NO-ELLLLLLL!  I just... don't like that word, noel.  It rubs me wrong."

"There's nothing wrong with 'Noel,'" Brett insisted.

"Really?  Tell me... what does it mean?  This 'Noel' business.  Is it a noun?  A verb?  Adjective?  What is The First Noel?  A song?  A message?  Aurora Borealis?  What is it?  No one actually knows.  Yet we listen to the song and decorate our homes with it."

"Well, it's uhhh... the... ummm... yeah, I don't really know either."

"I'm just reserving my right to dislike a word that I have no idea the meaning of, that's all."

So, for your edification:

Noel -- according to wikipedia.

Also for your edification, in addition to disliking The First Noel, I also dislike most Christmas songs in which the singer leaves out the original words and inserts some version of "shoobydoobydoo."  As in, "Have yourself at merry little shoobydoobydoo..."  Or "Chestnuts roasting on an open shoobydoodoowop..."

Now be quiet and let me listen to the radio's 10,000,000,000th playing of "Last Christmas."

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Brett said...

No wonder you hate's stinking FRENCH!