Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What white teeth you have, my dear

Brett and I saw "10,000 B.C." last night. During a scene near the end, the camera focuses on the main character's face in an extreme close-up to add emotional weight. I couldn't help but notice that this guy had perfect teeth. White and shiny and straight and beau-tiful teeth. It was a bit incongruous with the fact that the rest of him was all grungy and sweaty and his hair was matted in overgrown dreadlocks.

I leaned over the whisper my discovery to Brett. As I drew in my breath to speak, he said, "I don't want to hear anything about his teeth, okay?"

He knows me almost TOO WELL. Must have been the big stink I made over Matthew McConaughey's teeth in "Sahara." They were really really really white in that movie.

I also remember my mother-in-law telling me that she couldn't enjoy "The Book Of Mormon Movie" anymore because I had said something about the french manicure on Sariah's fingernails and now it was too distracting. I can't actually remember saying anything about it, but it does seem like the kind of thing I'd notice. Right, sweetie?


Karin said...

I must say...your blog is one of my new favorites. :-) It's a wonderful giggle to my day.

I notice stuff like that too. Luckily, so does Jared. We have the "liken the Scriptures" movies and it always makes me laugh that not a single hair on anyone's head is out of place. They always have the same hairstyle of front pulled back into teeny little braids and joined in the back. (As if all Nephites had straight dark hair, not a curly head among them)

Matthew McWhatever had been bugging me recently as all of his latest movies seem to have super white teeth. Did he sit under the lights too long? Why doesn't he have that fixed? Does he *want* to glow like Ross did under the black light? :-)

Bertie said...

LOL! You are definitely Chet's sister! :) That cracks me up!

Shauna said...

I actually remember you making the comment about the Book of Mormon movie as well. I was THERE. So I know you said it. So actually, I never watched that movie because of what you said. So I'll probably go inactive now. Again. BECAUSE OF YOU.

Jesse Harris said...

I once sent Shauna one of those funny lolcat pictures. You know what she noticed? Not the puppies licking dishes in the dishwasher and calling is a "pre-clean cycle". No, it was the comment from a guy who said they loaded the dishwasher "the wrong way". And she said that's what she noticed as well.