Thursday, October 4, 2012

Field of (Old) Dreams

After years and years of saying, "You know what movie I'd really like to have on DVD?  Field of Dreams" we finally acquired it.  (Yes, we are still buying DVDs instead of BluRay.  Shut up.)

I was amazed at how much I still enjoyed it after all these years.  I was in 7th or 8th grade when I saw it in the theater.  I remembered really liking it but I can't be sure that wasn't because I was with a friend and her parents bought us a MASSIVE tub of popcorn and we gorged ourselves silly on buttery and salty goodness.  (I find many of my fondest memories involve an activity which is accompanied by eating as much as I wanted of something.)

It's a little dated for sure.  I mean, Ray goes to the library and looks at old newspapers on microfilm while sitting in front of an enormous card catalogue.  He calls his wife from a payphone and she talks to him on their gigantic corded home phone which makes a clangy, ringy sound when she hangs up the receiver.  These are things that most kids who are old enough to drive and date and even get married these days have absolutely no experience with.

"Just think about this," Brett piped up.  "You are older now than when Kevin Costner made this movie.  How's that for a mind-blower?"

"Nu-uh!" I began to protest.  "He's got to be at least thirty-five in this film."

Brett let that sink in to my consciousness without saying anything.

How did I get so old?

(I looked it up today.  Kevin Costner was 33 in 1988.  Yup.  Younger than me now.  Crap.)


Dirtius Wifius said...

woah. that IS mind blowing!

Star said...

That is one movie I've never seen that everyone says I should.

Kristy said...

I totally want to see Field of Dreams again - and I think Josh might like it. He turns 15 on the 10th - we'll have to see what he wants to do. : )