Thursday, October 18, 2012

Potty training update -- feel free to avert your eyes.

I heard Brooke tooting and for the first time in months I got her on the potty in time.  Yay me!  Then immediately I heard Leah tooting and I thought, "I will be a freaking ROCKSTAR getting both of these kids to poop on the potty within 5 minutes of each other!"  Leah sat and sat and sat and never went.  Then 15 minutes later she comes to me with her pants around her ankles.  "Leah!" I asked excitedly.  "Did you go potty?"  Upon closer inspection, I can tell she did because her pants, undies, shoes, and socks are soaking wet.  Which means she stood up from her seated position on the potty where the pee was supposed to go and PEED ALL OVER HERSELF.  Brain damage.


Shauna said...

This is exactly what Liam is doing. If I stay in the room to make sure he stats on the potty, he can hold it INDEFINITELY. As soon as I leave the room, he gets off the potty and pees on the floor. Some sort of hereditary defect, I'm sure.

Brett said...

I vote for duct tape training!