Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Primary gems

On Sunday, the Sharing Time lesson was about being thankful for our bodies. The teacher prefaced her lesson by telling the children that Heavenly Father had given each one of them a very special gift.

Teacher: And that special gift is... a body. Each one of us has a body that Heavenly Father has given us.

Kid sitting on the front row: Yeah! A body! He gave us a body! And also... a potty! He gave us a potty, too!!!

The teacher then had the kids come up and choose pictures of various items that would either be good for our bodies or would go into the garbage can. One of my Sunbeams had bailed hard on his turn at the board, putting the scriptures into the garbage can as the rest of junior primary screamed for him to change his mind. He was still smarting from the embarrassment and so I tried to make him feel better on the next round.

Me: Okay, look what she chose... oooohhh... it's a picture of cigarettes. Do those go in the garbage or are they good for your body? I know you know this one...

Sunbeam: *sniff* Good for your body.

Me: *blink* Cigarettes? Does Heavenly Father want us to smoke cigarettes? Or would he want us to put them in the trash?

Sunbeam: Good for your body.

Me: No... if you had cigarettes, you would want to throw them away... wouldn't you?

Sunbeam: *stubbornly* Well, I liked them when I tried them!


Kari said...

MEEP! :|

Shauna said...

Someone could make the argument that this boy's teacher for the last 2 years hasn't done her job.

Janene said...

uuuuuuuu, I'm going to go with...that's just not good. I'm glad he has a good teacher now!

Shauna said...

Yeah, Andrea. You should totally give that boy's nursery teacher a piece of your mind!

Karin said...

The first thing I thought when I read that...after smiling, of course, was "oops, his parents probably are really embarrassed right about now" hehe.