Friday, November 14, 2008

Dilemma, part 4

One of the roads I have to drive on to get home from work has been under construction forever. There's a part where the left lane ends and all the traffic has to merge right. I know from experience (since this road has been under construction forever) that if I stay in the left lane until it ends and then merge right, I can save a couple of minutes.

The people who have chosen to merge into the right lane early often do not appear to appreciate this tactic. I can see why. They have been sitting in traffic for some time, watching people like me zip by and merge much further up the line. Occasionally, they try to refuse to let me in. Their disadvantage is that they are not moving and I am, so I can partially wedge myself into any newly created opening, thus securing my spot in front of them before they can move forward to block me out.

My dilemma is two-part:

1. Is it wrong to pass up all the people who have been sitting in the right lane and merge in when my lane ends? My guts says I should have to wait just as long as anyone else, but my mouth says, "Suckers!"

2. Should I refrain from waving a "thank you for letting me in" wave to a driver that I merged in front of, knowing full well that if he was in a position to shut me out, he would have?



Shauna said...

Yes, you are wrong.

momodafoxes4 said...

I personally can't stand it when people do that, but I can't get too worked up about it, because I have done the same thing on occassion. You could always stick some sort of sign on your window.."Don't get mad, you have the same's not my fault you want to sit there.."

Kari said...

Yes it is, and it's what's contributing to the backup in the right lane in the first place. I'm not really the cutting over Nazi though. I've done it myself numerous times.

kuri said...

1. It's not your fault that people use space inefficiently and waste an entire traffic lane.

2. I give people a "Thank you for not being such a fool that you'd ram my car rather than let me cut in front of you" wave, because that's the choice I give them: let me in or ram me.

Janene said...

I think it would make it better if you had a blow up dummy in the passenger seat next to you. Then put a sign in the window that says my friend here has an emergency and I'm cutting in front of you to save it's life!