Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Does that come with curly fries?

Brett took the dogs to work with him today. He left them in the car while he went in to disable the store alarm. We he returned, he saw that, in the few moments without adult supervision, Sammie had chewed up some of the papers that Brett had left in the back seat.

There were a lot of papers for Sammie to choose from: online map printouts, receipts from recent oil changes, old church programs and newsletters, lots of junk mail.

Amid all these tempting options, Sammie chose to chew up the Arby's coupons that Brett was going to use for lunch.

You know, the coupons with pictures of roast beef sandwiches on them.

I'm thinking we might need to start feeding Sammie more often.


Shauna said...

Maybe Arby's has a new marketing ploy in which they very subtley scent each of their coupons with roast beef. That way, your subconscious picks up on the smell and you have an immediate craving for roast beef. It's genius really. Albeit, not doggie proof.

momodafoxes4 said...

dang....that's almost as bad as 'the dog ate my homework!' Of time Brenna chewed off a good portion of Rob's notes...