Thursday, October 23, 2008

Love may transform me to an oyster


Does anyone else out there think John Mayer always looks kind of clammy? Sleepy and clammy?

Kind of like he was sleeping inside an oyster and having a cold-sweat nightmare, but then was suddenly jolted awake when someone slapped him across the face with a dead fish?

It's just me, isn't it? I promise, this has nothing to do with the fact the I've never met a John Mayer song I liked.

Bonus points for naming the movie from whence the title of this post cometh.


Shauna said...

Actually, I totally agree with you on the John Mayer. He definitely looks clammy.

Kari said...

Much Ado About Nothing?

What can I redeem with my points?

Andrea said...

Yay! Good one Kari! You have 2 bonus points which you can redeem for a BRAND...NEW....CAR!

You only need 396,298,224,467,068 more to keep them company. Congratulations!

Kari said...

396,298,224,467,070 even eh? I think I can reach my goal by the time I'm at least 80. How often do these contests happen?

Shellie said...

he looks like he needs some sun and maybe splash some cold water in his face. he always looks sleepy to me!

Andrea said...

Kari--you should be able to earn at least 2 points every year or so.

Keep your chin up! By the time you have enough points, I'll probably have to give you a flying car or teleporter or something comparable.