Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stop talking?

Leah:  Is it a ball?  A ball?  A ball?

Me:  Mm-hmm.  Yup.

Leah:  A ball?  A ball?  A ball?  Ball?  Ball?  Ball?  Ball?  Ball?  Ball?  Ball?  Ball?  Ballballballballball?

Me (remembering that I have to repeat exactly what she is saying in order for her to stop saying it):  Yes.  A ball.

Leah:  Oh.  A ball.

Me:  Yes.  It's a ball.

Leah:  Car.  It's a car.  Car?  A car?  A car?  Car?  Car?  Car?  Car?

Me:  Yes!  It's a car.

Leah:  Oh, a car.  Pants?  Pants pants?  Pants?  Pants?  Pants?  Pants?  Pants?

Me:  Yes!  Pants!

Leah:  Jacket.  It's a jacket.  A jacket?  Jacket?  Jacket?  Jacket?

Me:  Yes.  It's a jacket.  Hey Leah, how about we try something different?  Mama needs some quiet time.  How about you stop talking for a little while?

Leah:  Stop talking?

Me:  Yeah.  Just for a bit.

Leah:  A bit?

Me:  Just a few minutes.

Leah:  Few minutes?

Me:  Yes.  Just some quiet time.

Leah:  Quiet time?

Me:  Yes.  So, no talking.

Leah:  No talking?

Me:  That's right.  Quiet, okay?

Leah: Okay?

Me:  Okay?

Leah:  Okay?

Me:  Just no talking.

Leah:  No talking?

Me:  That's right.

Leah:  That's right?

Me:  Yes.  That's right.  Okay?

Leah:  Okay?

Me:  Okay?

Leah:  Okay?

Me:  So, shhh...

Leah:  Shhhh?

Me:  Yes, quiet.

Leah:  Quiet?

Me: ...

I totally just got played by my two year old.


Brett said...

And so did the rest of us

crazymama said...

They are such smart little stinkers at such a young age!!!