Friday, November 23, 2012

The nose on her face

I went into an office the other day to pick up a letter which I was told was left at the front desk.  The receptionist is sitting a a desk which has a little raised counter attached to it so the public can write checks or whatever on it, and so I can't see over into her workspace.

Me:  I'm Andrea Fox.  I'm here to pick up a letter that was left for me.

Receptionist:  A what?

Me:  An envelope.  It has a letter in it.

Receptionist (looking around her desk):  I don't see anything.  What's your name?

Me:  Andrea Fox.  I was told yesterday that it was ready and I could pick it up at the front desk today.

Receptionist:  Hmmm.... there's nothing here.  (looking around again)  Could it be under a different name?

Me:  No.  It's just an envelope with a letter in it.  I was told it was already ready and at the front desk.  Is there another place that might be "the front desk?"

Receptionist:  Well... no.  I just... there's just nothing here... (flags down a coworker)... Hey, I'm looking for a letter for Andr...

Co-worker (grabs an envelope that is hanging at eye-level, right in front of the receptionist's face with the words ANDREA FOX WILL PICK UP ON WEDNESDAY emblazoned on the face):  Andrea Fox?

Receptionist:  Oh... is this what you are looking for?

Me (blink, blink):  Yes.  Thank you.


Shauna said...

Ha! Good thing it wasn't a snake. Not just because it could have bitten her, but also because... you'd be picking up a snake from the front desk.

Brett said...

I would laugh at this comment...but Andrea does this to me all the time as well...and I know it wasn't there just two seconds ago. A gremlin, a gremlin came in the room and put it there when I wasn't looking.