Monday, April 14, 2008


... relieved of duty, dismissed, released, promoted, or whatever you want to call it.

Brett and I have been kicked out of nursery. We've been asked to teach the Sunbeam class instead.

I love all the Sunbeams. After all, they were my nursery class last year, so we're all buddies. But still... it's not nursery.

Will we have to be all grown-up and do sharing time? Will we have to sit quietly in our seats during class? Will we have to actually *gasp* teach a lesson? Will there be toys and games and goldfish crackers?

I told a friend that we had been "promoted" and she said gleefully, "I taught the Sunbeams once! It was the worst calling I ever had. I asked to be released after 6 weeks."

Well, you must have had a huge class... how many?


*gulp* We have seven.


Shauna said...

Yeah... considering how antsy the nursery kids all get during our 30 second "lesson" I can't imagine trying to do an actual lesson without anyone inflicting SERIOUS INJURY upon anyone else.

Bertie said...

Awww! Goodluck- mine was the Sunbeams and THEN nursery! I can't believe you were kept in nursery for so long- but at least you know the kids! LOL! You crack me up:)