Monday, January 28, 2013

Of mud and boogers

A few months ago, Brooke was sick with a head cold.  Her nose seemed to be very stuffy but not runny at all.  When she talked I could tell that she was plugged up and as her mother it was up to me to see what was going on.  So, being the intrepid explorer that I am I stuck my finger in her nostril and pulled out a big, crusty, hard, yellow booger that had been sitting up there for weeks.  I did the same on the other side and suddenly my little girl could breathe through her nose again.  In order to minimize the trauma of having my finger in her nose, I excitedly declared, "Look, you had pineapples in your nose!"  That's how we started calling boogers "pineapples."  Now when I ask Brooke if she needs to blow her nose she'll say, "No momma.  No pineapples in my nose!"

Fast forward to this weekend.  We had been out shooting and I was walking with the girls up a very muddy hill to the car.  The mud was super slippery and I was encouraging the girls to walk in the vegetation on the side of the road.  They were not grasping the concept and kept slipping and sliding around.  (Perhaps on purpose.)

"Walk over here!  Walk on the pine needles!" I called to Brooke after her third tumble.

"Pineapples?" she called back and promptly stuck her finger in her nose.

Motherhood rocks.