Thursday, February 26, 2009


A friend of mine is moving out of the ward. She's moving to another town about 45 minutes away. She's excited to be closer to her family and while she'll miss the ward, she made it clear that she's never really gotten used to living here. Apparently, it's more "rural" than what she grew up with and she's anxious to get back to the hustle and bustle of "city life."

I see her point. We live in an area of Sacramento that is kind of nestled between two major freeways, but closer to neither. And while there are plenty of places to shop and eat and watch movies, we're not near an actual mall. There are a lot of developed shopping areas, but no mall. The closest mall is almost 30 minutes away.

The mall was one of the major attractions for my friend in her new location. She's within walking distance. It's a huge and beautiful mall and is always under development to make it huger and more beautiful. It reminds her of where she grew up, where she was also within a 5 minute walk to the mall.

So, I didn't grow up near a mall. As a matter of fact, the closest mall was about an hour from my house. We went to the mall when we had a whole day to spend and a clearly defined list of what we needed to purchase. In high school, we occasionally would hang out at the mall. but it was a long drive there and back.

And now, that we still don't live close to a mall, we tend to do our shopping at the stores that are closer to us.

So, I guess I don't get the enthusiasm for living within walking distance of the mall. Is it a form of entertainment to go to the mall and hang out, even if you are an adult? Is it the ease of shopping from a variety of stores all conveniently located? How often do you go to the mall if you live within walking distance? Once a week? More? What do you do when you are there? Window shop? Because honestly, how much does the mall change week to week? Do you buy more if you frequent the mall more often? These are questions that need answering!

Maybe I fail to see the beauty of living near a mall because I don't actually like to shop. I'm kind of dude-like in that. Wandering around window-shopping doesn't appeal to me at all. But which came first, the chicken or the egg? Do I dislike shopping because I've never lived near a mall? Or do am I less appreciative of what the mall has to offer because I never lived near one?



Janene said...

This is definitely a serious injury to my brain. I'm glad you are thinking and somewhat randomly just like I do and sharing it on your blog. You make me laugh every time. As for the mall question...I have no idea. I don't like the mall that much. I prefer places like T.J. Maxx or Ross. I hate everything on the rack being the same thing in different sizes...sizes that don't fit me. I grew up near a mall...within walking distance and I enjoy going every once in a while...but I go for the food!

Vanessa said...

I USED to like to wander the mall and just window shop.
However, now I practically hate it.
Its too crowded and makes me claustrophobic at times, the vast majority of things are overpriced.
I will go to the mall when I need to, but its with a couple of friends, we know exactly what we want, and when it gets to the point that none of us can tolerate it any longer we will split up to finish the tasks at hand solely so that we can get the heck out of there ASAP.