Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spring chicken, part 2

My boss's wife was in the other day and we were chatting about all things pregnancy related. I told her that I've already had 4 ultrasounds done because I am past the cut-off age for being a spring chicken (maternityally-speaking). She said:

"Wow. So you're thirty-years-old already, huh?"

And I said:

"Yes. Yes I am."


Beth said...

Is 30 the cut off? Yikes.

I was once carded for buying an R rated movie when I had 3 of my 4 kids in the cart. Seriously, if I've had 3 kids, I'm should be able to watch an R rated movie.

Andrea said...

It's actually 35 that is the cut off. I just barely qualify. I just thought it was nice of her to shave 5 years off my age and then express surprise that I was already 30.

Once, I was comparing my Chinese zodiac sign with a friend who had just gotten married. Turns out we were both born in the year of the ox. I said, "No, that can't be right... you'd have to be...twelve years younger than me." She was.

Amy said...

I am pretty sure you are just a smidge older than by weeks if I remember correctly. I know this because it was always odd for me to have a friend who was older than me in school. So I know how old you are! :-)

Karin said...


it always makes me laugh when they put silly things in your chart like "advanced maternal age" and "grand multipara" (more than 5 births-which will be me the next time around) and then have other people express "surprise" at your age. Sometimes I'll have a stranger say "you can't be old enough to have that many children!" Thank you...I think. I have several friends who had their first when around 37. In this community (love living in Utah), they are sometimes even mistaken for the grandmother or aunt. Ick.

anyway, just a ramble. But Yes, the "labels" from OB/GYNs are always hilarious and rarely helpful. :-)

Janene said...