Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is that your final answer?

Phone solicitation forwarded to me at work today:

Him: I'm trying to get ahold of the decision maker for your AT&T long distance account.

Me: That's me.

Him: Are you the FINAL decision maker?

Me: That depends. What do you need?

Him: I need to talk to the FINAL DECISION maker for your AT&T long distance account. Is that you?

Me: That depends on what kind of FINAL DECISION needs to be made.

Him: Ma'am, if you were the FINAL DECISION MAKER it wouldn't matter what decision needs to be made.

*click* (he hangs up on me)


Bertie said...

I cannot believe that this conversation actually took place! That is so funny!

Shauna said...

What I can't believe is that no one informed me of this blog's existence until now. Your husband had to rat you out.